Ideas are fickle- and need to be protected, nurtured and fueled.

At Marker Medical we help take the Spark of an idea and turn them into reality.
Working in close collaboration with our partners we first search to find a common understanding and develop a clear vision of the Problem. Only then that we can truly create an environment for the sparks of creation to move to the next phase of ignition.


What We Do

Marker Medical will take your ideas from concepts through to production and product launch, with our primary focus during the development process on Quality, Time and Cost. We provide comprehensive services for all stages of the product development life cycle, including:

  • Technology Assessment
  • Concept Feasibility
  • Intellectual Property Support
  • 3D CAD Modeling
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Photo-Realistic Virtual Renderings
  • Finite Element Analyses
  • Functional Testing
  • Design Controls
  • Quality System Compliance
  • Controlled Development Costs
  • Clinical and OR Experience
  • Design for Manufacturability and Assembly


Why Us?

The Answer is Simple- we solve problems and get your project moving.

No matter how good the idea, without the systems, people and preparation in place success is unlikely. Let Marker Medical help create the exact mixture required to help nurture the spark of your ideas into a great Product.

Your ideas coupled with our experience and extensive medical device background we are focused on supporting the efforts of both large and small organizations development efforts.

With this careful balance of elements we will get your concept primed and ready for launch.

What is New


Marker Medical is excited to announce the formation of a new company to develop our proprietary Non-Linear Needle technology - RetrieV Surgical, LLC.  We are currently in "stealth mode" but are excited to be moving this technology Platform forward- stay tuned for more info.

Dedicated group of Medical Device Professionals with a combined 30+ years in design and manufacture of medical devices. Proven innovation track record - Team named inventors on over 70 patents/applications Multiple successful device launches which have generated millions in sales, including several product divestments.

David Skinlo

Ephraim Akyuz

The best ideas are delicate, often teetering between becoming a run away success or going down in flames. At Marker Medical we have brought together a team, tools and environment to let ideas breath and grow. 



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