Growth still the Operative Word

Growth still the Operative word with Worldwide Orthopedic sales to Exceed 54B by 2018

With the years of uncertainty a not too distant memory the Orthopedic industry is still posed for growth worldwide.  Though the growth varies from segment to segment overall the trend is strong growth in key areas as companies maneuver to find a foot hold or to reposition to fill the worldwide demand.

The Orthopaedic Industry Annual Report ( for 2013 covers a wide range of activity but includes 5 year worldwide market projections.

"Bold tactical maneuvers such as mergers, acquisitions, globalization, portfolio expansion, lower-cost manufacturing, direct distribution, consolidation and workforce restructuring will continue to breed continued market growth into the foreseeable future," commented Carolyn LaWell, Content Manager for ORTHOWORLD.

Though spine will be stable and show minimal growth, other areas of fracture repair, extremities, arthroscopy and soft tissue repair will see potential double digit growth estimated at near 12%.

Over all good signs for the industry and a shift from uncertainty to a positive uptick is sure to mean more opportunities for innovation and unique solutions- to a growing global demand.